About Us

Pavcon Group is a paving contractor and hot mix asphalt supplier with plants in Harrisonburg and Lexington to best serve the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We're qualified to produce VDOT asphalt mixes with experienced, certified technicians to ensure materials meet specification requirements. We are an equal opportunity employer with an affirmative action plan in place for individuals with disabilities and veterans.

3330 Kratzer Road
Harrisonburg, VA 22802
9 Memorial Lane
Lexington, VA 24450


Asphalt is the most recycled product on the planet. RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) is crushed to a consistent gradation and added to the hot mix asphalt. We also use recycled shingles in our mix designs. Recycling of products is earth friendly but helps keep the cost per ton down for our customers.


Our asphalt manufacturing plants produce the hot mix which we deliver to our paving crews. Our scope of work includes state highways and municipalities, commercial, parking lots, residential driveways, and golf cart paths.


Pavcon Group owns a milling machine to mill up asphalt concrete pavement prior to new paving. The millings are hauled to our plant where it is recycled into new asphalt. We offer full service milling including a clean-up crew or rental of machine with operator. If you need full depth transition or overlay milling, contact us for a quote.

Freight on Board

Our hot mix asphalt plants in Harrisonburg and Lexington offer a variety of mix designs and we ensure optimum quality by providing testing in our own lab facilities. Our in-house trucks will deliver to your job site or send your dump trucks to our plant and we will load them.

Other Services

Pavcon also offers surface treatment for low volume roads and driveways. We can perform the grade excavation, subgrade preparation and aggregate installation, prior to laying new asphalt. We would be happy to review your project and offer a free detail quote on scope of work.